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Manage Industrial Waste with our Continuous Processing and Recovery Equipment

Automated Precision Finishing Equipment

Rely on Electrotech Inc. when you need vibratory finishing equipment for all applications. Our precision machinery is suited to a wide range of industrial processes, including material handling, robotics with vision, parts inspection, parts washing, and conveying. We work with standard and custom-built multiple-stage systems, including high-pressure and cabinet models, as well as many other systems. Let us know how we can provide you with the right equipment for your needs.

Equipment Available For:

Mass Finishing | Deburring | Vibratory Deburring | Buffing | Polishing | Internal Burr Removal | Surface Improvement | Sample Process Development

Mass Finishing Equipment and Waste Treatment and Recovery

Application Specific Finishing Systems

Tailor your systems to specific industrial uses. We design systems for a variety of demanding applications, such as high-pressure CNC or electrochemical sawing and grinding. Finishing equipment is also available specifically for wet and dry blasting applications.

Waste Treatment and Recovery

Manage industrial waste with our continuous processing and recovery equipment. We provide leading-edge technology for all waste treatment applications, including systems featuring the RGF™ Thermo Oxidizer for 100% evaporation of wastewater streams.

Sample Development

Let our sample development lab process your parts to determine the best solution for your deburring requirements. This is available at no cost to you. To learn more, please contact us.

Quality Finishing Equipment Manufactured By:

Everite Corporation™ | RGF Environmental™ | Vibrafinish™ | Automated Blasting™ | Durr Corporation™ | Canablast™ | Sugino Corporation™ | A.D.F. Corporation Systems™