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Polish and Clean Surfaces Smoothly with our Selection of Environmentally Safe Mass Finishing and Cleaning Compounds.

All the Supplies Needed for Your Finishing Equipment

From ceramic media and abrasives to burnishing and finishing compounds, Electrotech Inc. is your complete source for finishing equipment supplies in Ohio. We take pride in offering an amazing selection of compounds and media to use with your industrial applications. Our compounds last longer and give a better finish, while our in-stock media are long-wearing and offer high-quality finishes.


Electrotech Inc. provides a wide range of vibratory finishing and metal finishing media. Vibratory tumbling media include ceramic, porcelain, stainless and carbon steel, plus a wide variety of plastic, synthetic, and long-wearing medias. We have a wide range of sizes, shapes, and configurations available to offer you the best medium for your application.

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Polish and clean surfaces smoothly with our selection of environmentally safe mass finishing and cleaning compounds. The Electrotech Inc. inventory includes a complete line of alkaline and acidic compounds in the form of liquids, powders, or pastes. These compounds have been formulated specifically for different applications, allowing us to determine the best formulation for the process in which you are engaged. The Roto-Brite™ compounds are the most common in the country. Consult with our two on-site chemists for process evaluation, as well as solutions for your most challenging projects.